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Posted by Ismadi Santoso on November 29, 2006

Once upon a time in a certain place, there’s a woman who just coming back to her house. Suddenly, in front of her house she saw three bearded man sitting in the yard. That women doesn’t know them all.

Then the women said “I don’t know you, but I’m sure that all of you must be hangry. Why don’t you come in, I thougt I have something to eat.” the bearded man answer “are your husband had come home?”, the woman said “no, not yet”, “Oh, than we woun’t come in until your husban home” said those bearded man.

After the sunset, her husband had come home, and the women told him everything about those three bearded man. Firstaval, the husband confuse, but then he asked his wife to infite all of those three bearded man for dinner together with their family.

then the wife coming out and invite the guys to come in. “Sorry we cannot come in together at the same time” said those three bearded man. “but why” the wife amazed. one of those bearded man said “his name is rich and beside him is success, while my name is affection. and you have to ask to your husband to decide about which one of us who can have a dinner with your family.”

then the wife told that to her husband, and the husband said “then ask the rich to come in, I want our house full of rich.” and the wife did’nt agree with that and said”honey, why don’t we infite the succsess cause we need his help for our harvest succsess”

But their son didn’t agree with both of his parrent choice, and he said “is it betterif we choose the affection isn’t? cause our house will full of love and harmony”. Finally the parrent agree with their son choice.

Then the wife come out and asking which one of those bearded man whose name is affection. then the affection stand up and prepare to come in, but the others (rich and succsess) also followed him. the wife confused and said “I’m just asking the affection to come in, but why both of you follow us?” both of bearded man answer “if you ask affection to go then we will follow, otherwise if you ask one of us (rich & succsess) to go others will stay. Because whereever the affection will go, we will go with him. Don’t you know that both of us (rich & succsess) is blind. Only affection can see so that he can show us the right way to pass. we need his guidance to going through our life journey.”


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Hello world!

Posted by Ismadi Santoso on November 16, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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