Something to Share With…

just from a learner who still in the learning stage…


Posted by Ismadi Santoso on July 4, 2007

the earth is large
large enough that you think
you can hide from anything

from fate
from GOD

if only you found a place
far enough away
so you run
to the edge of the earth
where all is safe again
quite and warm

the solace of salt air
the peace of danger left behind
the luxury of grief
and may be just for a moment
you believe you have escaped

you can run far
you can take your small precautions
but have you really gotten away?
can you ever escape?

or is the truth that you do not have
the strengt or cunning
to hide from destiny?

but the world is not small
you are
and fate can find you anywhere
and fate can find you anytime


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