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Happy New Year 1429 H

Posted by Ismadi Santoso on January 12, 2008

Life is never easy at all, that’s the thing which my father always told me when he still alive beside me. The only reason for him to put me into several tough circumstances is to give me more exercise about how to face this life with a positive energy and how to be a survivor in a positive mean. In the Year 1427 H, the time for real examination of all those lessons has come. I don’t have any idea whether I’m passing it or not? But in my memory, I always give all my best in every stride no matter what. And also learn as much as I can from every situation that shattering me.

The Year of Grief may be the right theme for the 1428 H for me. Not only because the five deadness of my close persons, who always inspires my life, sharing the story of life together, supporting and helping each other. In other side, I’m also being desperately betrayed by the one that I trust really much at that time, and the unfair treatment by the previous company that I work with.

Now as the year change to 1429 H, I really hope everything will be different. I really want to make my mom, my little sister, and my little nephew smile again like usually. I know it’s extremely hard to lose five of someone that we really love almost in the some time, because I also feel that grief. But the most important thing for us is always try to think positive and optimize for the future. We can’t feel blue all the time because life must go on. We have to make them who have passed away in front of us become proud of us. I do believe that this is the right time to start the new era. I’m realize that we can do it because The God has promise us in the Holy Qur’an that He will never put a human being into any circumstances that he/she can not handle it. That means: everything depends to us. So, Let live our life, and fill it to the fullest.



One moment lost and passing me by
Fleeing me from my own destiny
Taking away my pride cracking me into pieces… making me like a fool

So now I stand here with this conviction… reaching our for perfection
I put my life at stake for any reason… it’s time for turning back

Even getting my soul
Even getting my self
Stranded in this so lonely world

Although I’ve been hurt and things have fallen… shattering before my eyes
I know I have something inside of me … and that'(s what) make me strong

From this moment on I’ll live
From this moment on I’ll stand
From this moment on I’ll be the best I can be

(Song by: Padi)


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