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Posted by Ismadi Santoso on March 23, 2008

In the last couple of weeks I’m always wondering why that the door which is usually open for me suddenly closed without any confirmation before. Well, first of all I think it’s just accidentally action due to several circumstances. But in the several time a head, the truth is coming through and make me realize about the main reason behind that alteration. If you thing the world is big enough for you to hide from the reality then let me tell you that’s a bullshit at all. I’m not that naive in facing a serious collateral threats on my ship prow. This isn’t about running away from a piece character of an evil, but this is about the distinct demeanor to the two different character of human being, an angel follower, or an evil one? Do you ever notice that? And for your information I’m not a hypocrite who using a lie as their mask.

I can imagine if you haven’t a clear vision about the exact complications since you judging me like I’m the bandit who deserve to sit at that sickness chair. Hey… look at your self!!! Why don’t you try to put off your got dammed “donkey glasses” for a while and then try to take a look using another several clearer and brighter soft lens, and feel those differences! Can you do that? Do you still have enough bravery remain in your soul for that? Harsh wasn’t it? That’s what I feel inside. Absolutely you really don’t have any idea about what I’m dealing of, so you can easily say that every problem in this world is seems to be mine. Is it true? Is there anyone can guaranty if you’re in my position and facing all of those complications you will do really much better than me? Or will it become the worst things that both of us ever seen, like you might be just suicide to end all of those misery? Think it wisely?

So why you just stay at the border line in those so long time? Afraid of something huh…? That’s why you never understand about how to overcome the situation. You are frightened of those circumstances aren’t you? so that you just playing save all the time by put that sweet face to both side of human being and ”carrying a pouch of rubbish”. It’s always become more difficult wasn’t it? Do you ever thing about diving into both of the depth side, zeroing your self and then find the real spirit value behind all those demeanors, and finally make a fair and exact summary? No, you never do that right? And now let me tell you that diving in aren’t always mean that you have to involve into those complications. But if you are really afraid to cross, at least you can obtain the proper perspective to comprehend about everything wisely then you can make a finest judgment. There’re a lot of valuable lesson and exercise that you can achieve in its if only you have enough bravery to do that.

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Pit Stop

Posted by Ismadi Santoso on March 5, 2008

by Jamil Azzaini

Sekali-kali simaklah pertunjukkan balap mobil Formula Satu di televisi. Semua pembalap ber-lomba meme-nangkan pertandingan, memacu mobilnya dengan kencang. Ternyata, hal terpenting dalam strategi untuk memenangkan perlombaan adalah Pit-Stop (berhenti sejenak). Tak seorang pembalap, betapapun kencang-nya mereka melaju, bisa memenangi lomba tanpa mengambil sekali Pit-Stop.


Dalam Pit-Stop, para pembalap melakukan penyegaran, menerima arahan, melakukan perbaik-an mesin, mengisi tangki bensin, mengganti ban, dan berangkat lagi dalam keadaan segar dan semangat baru. Lomba Formula Satu adalah soal adu kecepatan dan strategi. Dan kemenangan sering ditentukan oleh soal penen-tuan waktu serta manajemen Pit-Stop itu.

Dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari, Pit-Stop dapat mewujud dalam berbagai bentuk. Mengikuti pelatihan atau pencerahan. Membaca buku yang mencerahkan. Shalat lima waktu bagi yang beragama islam. Berdoa de-ngan penuh sungguh-sungguh. Istirahat makan siang. Melakukan obrolan dengan sahabat. Bercengkerama dengan anak dan istri. Pit-Stop membantu kita dalam meraih kehidupan yang utuh.

Banyak orang yang kelihatannya terlalu sibuk. Mereka bekerja begitu keras untuk meraih kesuksesan hidup. Namun yang terjadi, banyak diantara mereka bagai kelelawar yang terbang di siang hari. Begitu banyak si-nar matahari namun justeru sang kelalawar tak mampu melihat.

Mereka yang terlalu sibuk tak mampu melihat kehebatan dan polah tingkah lucu buah hatinya. Mereka tak tahu betapa dalam cinta dan perhatian pendamping hidupnya kepada mereka. Mereka tak menyadari begitu banyak inspirasi kehidupan baru yang berada di sekitarnya. Bahkan terkadang mereka tak menyadari dan tak tahu siapa dirinya. Mereka begitu sibuk, namun justeru tak mampu memahami apa makna hidup yang se-sungguhnya.
Bila kita terlalu sibuk, kita akan lupa untuk menikmati hidup. Kita banyak melakukan kegiatan namun kita lupa apa yang kita lakukan dan untuk apa kita melakukannya. Kita hanya melakukannya, tapi tanpa hati. Kita hanya melakukannya, tapi tanpa visi. Kita hanya melakukannya, tapi tanpa jiwa. Walau kita sibuk namun hidup kita kering dan gersang.

Saatnya kita melakukan Pit-Stop. Renungkanlah untuk apa kita hidup? Mau kemana setelah kehidupan? Sudah berapa lama anda menikah? Dan hal terbaik apa yang pernah anda berikan kepada pasangan hidup anda? Andai satu bulan anda selalu mempersembahkan satu hal yang terbaik buat pasangan hidup anda, saya yakin sang pendamping akan semakin menyayangi anda.

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